Episode 1 – Part 1 (June 11th 2006)

June 12, 2006

Watch the Video


3 Responses to “Episode 1 – Part 1 (June 11th 2006)”

  1. Lexy Vantongerloo Says:

    Great show! After watching Darwin’s segment I have to play the devil’s advocate and say: If Philip Linden wanted it to be all about creativity, perhaps they need to rethink why they are charging me $75USD a year for the option of owning land. As well, why do the reasonably priced tiers come with so few prims? As someone who had full intentions of unleashing creativity a year ago, the first step was to purchase land, and lots of it if we hoped to accomplish what we envisioned. A year later, all I’m down is a lot of real life money. I now have a small shop and I see nothing wrong with making money off sales in hopes to break even!


  2. eggy Says:

    You can still build things and take them into inventory I suppose 🙂
    Lots of people have created successful businesses using only a basic account.

  3. econnoftoff Says:

    Fantastic… really interesting topic. I am going to write about it also!!

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